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by K R GOSWAMI (MA Psychology)


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Rediscover 21 Resilient Potentials Within You


I congratulate you on purchasing this book as it will help you to make positive changes in your life. Every human being has latent abilities. It is my sincere attempt to bring out those resources available within you for your personal improvement. This book is not for everyone, it is only for those people who have a burning desire to work to improve their lives or say to themselves that I want to “improve my life.”

This book is about awakening the true ingredients that are already available just like atoms that required a spark. This book will take you step by step through each area of life for huge success in the future. During my masters in psychology, I experienced a lack of directions in students especially adolescent who was not able to utilize their full potential and therefore lived an average life. This book id for those students who have a burning desire and say to themselves that I must “improve my life.”

Being a part of a larger organization during my active service in the public sector, I tried to understand and resolve numerous problems of fellow managers and workers. Much of the learning after working with many people over the last few decades has been included in this book.

The book contains some psychological implications with messages and examples which may help almost all age groups. My previous book ‘Build Better Version of Yourself’ was read widely in India and abroad and I received several positive suggestions, I wrote this book to enable you to dig deep in that area.

I recommend you to read the book immediately if you have purchased it. I once purchased a book from a renowned author but I did not read it for a year. The benefits from the book were amazing and I realized that if I had read it early on, I could have started enjoying the fruits of the book earlier. The food you purchased but did not eat in time might get spoiled and it might not be useful when you are really hungry.

Instead of reading the book like a novel, I suggest you read each chapter and apply the principles denoted in the individual chapter for better absorption.

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