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by Shaifali Gupta and Meghna Varma


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Transforming WOE to WOW with

ALCHEMY of Yogsutra and Psychology

What is Mindsutra?
Mindsutra is the science and skill of creating ‘WOW!’ in our lives. It is a concept created by the authors,  by integrating ancient
knowledge of Yogsutra with skills from modern Psychology. The result of this fusion is 10 unique yet simple mind management skills.
These psychological skills for daily living can create ‘WOW!’ in our personal, professional and social lives.
Why Mindsutra is for you?
Who does not go through a rough patch in life! While some freeze or get angry, others make ‘lemonade when life throws lemons’ at
them! This book provides answers to all the questions you have been asking yourself on how to transform your Woe to WOW!
Story of Mindsutra-
The authors of this book, both doctors, connected as they believe that they wrote Mindsutra to present a well-researched and practical
approach to ‘Joie de vivre’ (a cheerful expression of joy and love in life).
Mindsutra as an Alchemist
Enjoy your transformation with this book as a friend, alchemist and guide!
Praise for Mindsutra
“Letting our subconscious apply these life hacks will help us to be productive and at peace with ourselves and the world around us”
Dr. Hari Easwaran, Associate Professor of Oncology, Johns Hopkins Medicine, Baltimore, USA.

“I enjoyed the read. The approach of connecting Yoga and Psychology, the traditional and the modern is delivering the best of both
worlds in one dose. The numerous real-life experiences, of self and others, bring in a sense of intimacy and relevance. Loved the flower
and the bee :)). God Bless for a wide reach to impact lives.”
Sheela Ramakrishnan is, Educationalist, Author, Counsellor and a firm believer in the body-mind connection through personal experience.
“How can I transform my woes to WOW ?” asked the Bumble Bee, ?”
“Be with the Alchemists”, said the Friendly Flower,” within you!”
Mindsutra is a book that introduces you to 10 Alchemists, who can create WOW from the woes of your life! These Alchemists use
elements from Patanjali Yogsutra and skills from modern psychology to transform your life.
This is what you get to learn and practise with them-

Flexibility with Ahimsa
Clarity with Satya
Originality with Asteya
Creativity with Brahmacharya
Letting Go with Aparigraha
Authenticity with Shauch
Mindfulness with Santosh
Discipline with Tapas
Self-improvement with Swadhyay
Miraculous Thinking with Ishwar Pranidhan

Atha, Yog Anushashanam!
Here and now, begins your process of transforming
Woe to Wow !!

About the Authors

Dr. Shaifali Gupta
MD (Pathology)
Currently heads pathology and research labs at Cliantha Research Limited. Though always spiritually and creatively inclined, she started expressing herself through art and literature in the last decade. A self-taught artist, she has presented a series of paintings ‘The inner light’ and ‘Asmi’ at art exhibitions and authored a book, ‘The Journey Within.’ An active practitioner of meditation, she stays with her husband and parents-in-law in Ahmedabad, India.

Dr. Meghna Varma
MBBS, MS (Ophthal), MBA, PG Diploma in Mental Health
Meghna, an ex-ophthalmic surgeon, has created a mental wellness space called Mindgram.in. She currently practices as a mental health specialist at Mindgram. She is passionate about researching and integrating indigenous psychological traditions with modern psychotherapy practices.
She lives with her husband, two kids and parents in Hyderabad, India. An avid reader, the book clubs she started with her friends

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