king Maker,


by Shayari Singh


ISBN 978-93-88497-08-4
Languages English
Pages 301
Cover Paperback


The Untamed king Maker

324 BCE, Bharat. An age of fragmented realms and corrupt Kings.

Sharungrao, a Kashmiri boy with a tragic past becomes an aide to Chanakya – a brilliant mind that thrives on manipulation and crooked ploys, and thus, the boy enters a world of politics, savagery, and secrecy.

From his young eyes arises the story of one man’s quest to defeat decadent dynasties and build a new Bharat. A journey that begins in the valley of the Indus river during the Greek rule and ends at the throne of Magadha in a riveting finish. Taking one through the lives of Chanakya’s young protégés – Chandragupta Maurya, Sharungrao, clever spies and deadly women who fight battles for Bharat.

A timeless tale of unusual men and women, twisted statecraft that comes alive with spectacle of battles fought, fears suppressed, and love foregone to achieve a great nation, helmed by a moral King – The Untamed king Maker

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About the Author

Shayari Singh began her career compiling research articles and position papers for the Queensland Government in Australia. Thereafter, she resided and worked in Delhi and Dubai, UAE. It was in Dubai that she read one of her favourite periods in ancient history and dove into research.

She refers to the scripting of the tempestuous tale of Chanakya and Chandragupta Maurya as a prized time in her life. There was a world of interesting, beautiful historical material to uncover in order to write about one of the greatest empires in Asian history.

Singh presently resides in India with her family and runs an online enterprise (


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