When should i look at self-publishing?

Is self-publishing a book the best option?

A question that plagues many an author/writer. Today, like never before the author has numerous publishing options open before him. 

Situations in which self-publishing a novel is the best choice

  1. When you want to publish your book quickly.
  2. When you want to publish your novel with little or no change.
  3. When you would not like to wait for a publisher to accept or reject your manuscript( this could take between 1 -3 yrs)
  4. When you totally believe in your work and are passionate about it.
  5. When you want a stepping stone to traditional publishing.
  6. When you want to publish your book for private or limited circulation.
  7. When you want to explore the market to see what works
  8.  You want to develop a book for a workshop/ training purpose
  9. Gifting as on anniversary, recording your child’s journey through life.
  10. Distribution within a company or a select group of people.
  11. Make a mark in your field of work, management, engineering IT etc.
  12. When you are looking at returns in terms of exposure, standing in society, doors that will open up to you etc.
  13. When you want to self-publishing a book the best option for display, sampling
  14. What are the numerous self-publishing options? Read about 5 ways to self-publish a book. You need to make an educated choice from the options available, which publishing option will suit you the best.

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